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Thurston Lava Tube (Nāhuku)

The Thurston Lava tube was one of many Lava tubes which are accessible at Volcano National park. There is invasive management at this location and is surrounded by pristine tropical Hawaiian forests. These tubes are formed by magma moving through the earth. The outside is hardened while the inside has flowing lava. When the flowing… Read more »

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Hawaii Volcano National Park Visitor Center 

Part of good coastal management practices involves educating and exposing the public to different management challenges. Similar to how the Ventura Harbor Visitor Center provides education and information about our Channel Islands, the Hawaiian Volcano National Park Visitor Center provides services alike. Many different types of visualizations inside this visitor center all contribute to informing… Read more »

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Volcanos and robotics 

Today we went to the Jaggar museum in the Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park. They had a really cool section that talked about the use of underwater robotics like the ROV to monitor and capture images and videos of the underwater volcanos. This is used to record the many different types of rock formations that are… Read more »

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Hale O Lono 

Yesterday was full of fun and great educational tours of Hawaii.  We started out by going to Mokupapapa discover center which is the interpretation center for the largest marine sanctuary.  We then checked out Hale O Lono Loco Meiwah a fish pond with he mission to not just restore and fish ponds for harvesting purposes… Read more »

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Good Times

Daddy Greg prepping for our trek to the Volcano park! Can’t wait for yet another great experience!!

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Welcome to the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument & World Heritage Site 

Today we started off the day with a tour on the papahanaumokuakea marine and national monument and world heritage site. We were untroduced to student from the University of Hawaii, Hilo.   This site incorporated cultural, economic, enviornmental and management aspects that had our class wanting more. This site had an aquarium on the back side… Read more »

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Hale O Lono’s loco meiwah

To the Hawaiians’ culture is a huge concept. Many normal every day  activities are some how related back to their cultural roots. And one of the big parts of thier culture was the loco meiwah. We went to the Hale O Lono, a fish pond that collects fish from the sea and then keep them… Read more »

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Fishery post.

Today started off early and cold. We attended a tuna fish auction where we saw different species of fish being sold off to bidders. 

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Uncle’s Kitchen

Dinner on Hilo Wednesday night! Uncle’s Kitchen is an outdoor market where venders can display their goods for locals and tourists to purchase. Prior to walking in we (CI students) expected all things Hawaiian. We did not expect to find food from various ethnic backgrounds such as Indian, Hawaiian, French, any much more!  Our experience… Read more »

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Conservation Education

We were lucky enough to indulge in a local museum this morning, an ever-expanding series of exhibits regarding Hawaii island growth, local marine life, the weight of plastic pollution, and shipwreck archaeology.  While we appreciate the mystique and glamour and marine life, we must also appreciate the impact of our daily habits on the continuance… Read more »