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Da Night Market

We ended Day 3 with a few hours at Uncle Robert’s party-in-the-guise-of-farmer’s-market Wednesday celebration. Uncle Robert’s family Aina at the south end of the Red Road in Kapalana converts to a party each Wednesday.  The happenings start around 5, but the food doesn’t really get to full throttle until about 6.  Our original plan was… Read more »

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Paradise is not always what it seems…

​Even paradise is full of trash. The Hawaiian beaches are a classic vacation stop. With an influx of people brings an influx of trash that is nondegradable. The tourist beaches however are managed constantly to keep the trash at a minimum. Leaving the protected islands of Hawaii to suffer from trash pollution from all over… Read more »

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MScientist discover a new deep-reef Butterflyfish species

A new species of deep-reef Butterfly fish was discovered in papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument. This flyer was stacked on the front desk of the Papahānaumokuākea Discovery Museum. 

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Talk about a wetland!

The amount of rainfall is evident in our surroundings here on the big island. Like walking through a movie like Jurassic Park or King Kong, the plant life is overwhelming, bursting out of every corner, green and overgrown and absolutely breathtaking.  Of course it wouldn’t be Coastal resource management if we didn’t acknowledge the evidence… Read more »

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Hilo fish ponds

 We visited fish ponds in Hilo, where resources are managed and community engagement is implemented.  

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Aloha ‘aina

To love and respect the land, make it yours and claim stewardship for it.  We visited the local He’eia. The native fish aiming to revive is called mullet. The fishpond keepers cultivate algae for a sustainable population. Smaller mullet are called ‘ama’ama and larger mullet are called ‘anae. Click the play video emoji to watch. … Read more »

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Honolulu Fish Auction 

Today we visited the only tuna auction in the United States with an estimated gross value of $100 million worth of fish (wholesale) passing through their doors each year. The auction was incorporated in 1952 and currently sells the catch from the 140 vessel-strong blue water fishing fleet based in Honolulu, Oahu. Each of these… Read more »

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Waikiki ✈️–> Hilo 

Our group is now in route to Hilo to continue our educational adventure . 

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Tuna Auction

Live tuna Auction and other species! Largest auction world wide!

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Solar in HI

Entire housing complex with solar. Very interesting, great way to use equatorial sun rays