Hawaiian Coastal

UNIV 391  It’s always though landing in LAX, one of the most populated cities after a week of Hawaii. When you land in Honolulu the temperature is perfect. The island hits you in the face. Sleeping on the beach the first night was raw. This I learned was a team building experience. The trip was… Read more »

Wrapping up a week in Hawaii

I couldn’t be more thankful for the experiences I had on this trip to Oahu and the Big Island of Hawaii. For my first time visiting such a unique and special place, I was thankful I was more than just a tourist or a visitor. Instead, we were exposed to the culture that is preserved… Read more »

CI in HI: Devyn’s Reflection

This trip was filled with activities and educational experiences, beginning with the very first hour on the very first day. As we started off LA-ward from our CSU Channel Islands campus, we started learning about management challenges along the coast of PCH (Highway 1). At that moment I knew this trip would be worth the… Read more »

Greg’s CI in HI Reflection

Three islands in three days. That’s the ESRM way! Santa Rosa on Sunday, Oahu on Monday, and the Big Island on Tuesday. The real-life learning experiences these opportunities provide are priceless. In total this was a 10-day information overload. The learning experience for our Hawaii trip started immediately. The shuttle ride to the LAX Airport… Read more »

Concluding thoughts 

Overall our trip to Hawaii was very educational, eye opening and fun. We stayed very busy the entire time which allowed us to see and hear about an array of interesting topics. The comparisons between Californian coastal management and Hawaiian coastal management became much clearer after this trip. Issues such as habitat fragmentation, invasive species,… Read more »


A week spent in Hawaii was quite eventful and largely educational. We were all able to experience and learn so much about Hawaii’s management practices, culture, and values. Not only was it an experience to expand our knowledge on coastal management, it was also an experience to learn of possible job opportunities and grad school… Read more »

Big Island: Small World

The Hawaiian Islands are thousands of miles from mainlands of any continent, which has two implications. The term ‘hotspot’ defines the Islands of Hawaii, not just for it’s diversity of life, but geologically. The Islands of Hawaii are home to native, threatened and endangered species, arguably the most, and host invasive species found to be… Read more »

The Aloha Spirit

A week in Hawaii, what a lifetime. There were, on more than one occasion, moments where I thought, “oh that’s a very cool thing, but we probably won’t have time to do it.” Sure enough, by the end of the day or the next, we’d be on another side of the island, or the other… Read more »

A trip to Remember!!!

This was a very unique experience with different views and opinions I never before thought of. I loved the interdisciplinary aspect of the trip, ranging from small cultural lectures all the way to big industry ones. We really got to see and begin to understand the full range of coastal and marine development in Hawaii…. Read more »

Ma’ona Community Garden

We visited a community garden that is helping the community battle food insecurity.  They are using everything in the garden and waste is either composted, reused, recycled or disposed of properly.

  • Backcountry Ranger Station

    We attended a lecture from David Benitez at Hawaii Volcano National Park. David specializes in invasive species management. He is from South America and got his masters in plant biology. Beginning his career with the National Parks Service as a contractor. We learned that species can be eradicated by the introduction of other species. We… Read more »

  • University of Hawaii at Hilo Pacific Aquaculture and Coastal Resource Center

    We started off our tour at the aquaculture center with a small plankton workshop. Here we had three different groups of four people. There were 4 different beakers filled with different organisms which we had to identify ourselves under a microscope and identifying manual. This was interesting because each organism was different and moved underneath the microscope…. Read more »

  • USGS and Jagger Museum

    Most of us had never seen lava before, let alone stood in front of one of the largest active volcanoes in the world, the volcano that lies at the center of Hawaii’s story of creation. The surrounding wildlife, in itself, is rich with history and biological wonders! A difficult part of maintaining this area is… Read more »

  • Thurston Lava Tube (Nāhuku)

    The Thurston Lava tube was one of many Lava tubes which are accessible at Volcano National park. There is invasive management at this location and is surrounded by pristine tropical Hawaiian forests. These tubes are formed by magma moving through the earth. The outside is hardened while the inside has flowing lava. When the flowing… Read more »

  • Hawaii Volcano National Park Visitor Center 

    Part of good coastal management practices involves educating and exposing the public to different management challenges. Similar to how the Ventura Harbor Visitor Center provides education and information about our Channel Islands, the Hawaiian Volcano National Park Visitor Center provides services alike. Many different types of visualizations inside this visitor center all contribute to informing… Read more »

  • Volcanos and robotics 

    Today we went to the Jaggar museum in the Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park. They had a really cool section that talked about the use of underwater robotics like the ROV to monitor and capture images and videos of the underwater volcanos. This is used to record the many different types of rock formations that are… Read more »

  • Hale O Lono 

    Yesterday was full of fun and great educational tours of Hawaii.  We started out by going to Mokupapapa discover center which is the interpretation center for the largest marine sanctuary.  We then checked out Hale O Lono Loco Meiwah a fish pond with he mission to not just restore and fish ponds for harvesting purposes… Read more »

  • Good Times

    Daddy Greg prepping for our trek to the Volcano park! Can’t wait for yet another great experience!!

  • Welcome to the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument & World Heritage Site 

    Today we started off the day with a tour on the papahanaumokuakea marine and national monument and world heritage site. We were untroduced to student from the University of Hawaii, Hilo.   This site incorporated cultural, economic, enviornmental and management aspects that had our class wanting more. This site had an aquarium on the back side… Read more »

  • Hale O Lono’s loco meiwah

    To the Hawaiians’ culture is a huge concept. Many normal every day  activities are some how related back to their cultural roots. And one of the big parts of thier culture was the loco meiwah. We went to the Hale O Lono, a fish pond that collects fish from the sea and then keep them… Read more »