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Waikiki ✈️–> Hilo 

Our group is now in route to Hilo to continue our educational adventure . 

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Tuna Auction

Live tuna Auction and other species! Largest auction world wide!

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Urban develop on Waikiki

This hotel track is causing Waikiki beach to shrink over time. Since the natural wetlands have been destroyed for development, this beach doesn’t get the nececcary sediment deposits it needs to remain a wide sandy beach. An interesting fact about Waikiki is that during the 1970s the beach was being nourished with sand from Manhatten… Read more »

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Chillin’ in Waikiki

After a six hour plane ride, the usual rigmarole at the airport, and an hour long bus jaunt into the heart of tourist-centric Honolulu, we grabbed some sandwiches for dinner.  As I type this, the students are having their digestive on the artificial lawn that forms the core of this section of urbanism-on-steroids Waikiki.  Nothing… Read more »

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Sampling starts on Saturday!

Our consortium for the study of the Torrey pines (Pinus torreyana) and coastal bluffs here in the California State University Channel Islands (CSUCI) just held our first annual planning meeting in Ventura, California.  While this group’s focus is the entirety of coastal pine distributions, much of this has a direct bearing on other coastal tree species and… Read more »