​Even paradise is full of trash. The Hawaiian beaches are a classic vacation stop. With an influx of people brings an influx of trash that is nondegradable. The tourist beaches however are managed constantly to keep the trash at a minimum. Leaving the protected islands of Hawaii to suffer from trash pollution from all over the world that builds up in the Pacific Ocean. The Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument and World Heritage Site in Hilo has a section that focuses on this issue of trash (mainly plastic) pollution. The historic site has many volunteer programs that clean up the dibris and what is collect is recycled and reused and the rest is burned for energy. 

Written by Amanda Shepherd

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So this is not entirely accurate- there’s one element missing here: The rest of the world. The large amounts of trash do not come only from Hawaii, but all the Pacific countries and states. The large pacific gyres hold tons of trash- which end up washing up on a large variety of beaches, some you see here on the NW Hawaiian Islands.


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