Yesterday we spent all day at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. 

We got to check out the Jaggar Museum and look around the  Kīlauea Visitor Center and the Volcanoe House; a main attractions for tourist. 

Established in 1916 Hawaii Volcanoes is a unique national park. While not all visitors may venture out into the backcountry to expierence nature remotely  the visitor center offers a place to expierence the park through interactive exhibits. 

From being at the visitors center it is evident that the majority of the visitation are tourist. The Volcanoe House Lodge across the visitors center offers a more luxurious expierence with many amenities and a restaurant and bar. 

The biggest draw to the Volcanoe House even for visitors not lodging here are the shops at the enterance of the lodge. Here visitors spend a lot of money on souiveneres. 

It was definitely interesting to see how visitors interact at the Visitors Center and how they use park resources.

Written by Dulce Lopez

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