Dinner on Hilo Wednesday night! Uncle’s Kitchen is an outdoor market where venders can display their goods for locals and tourists to purchase. Prior to walking in we (CI students) expected all things Hawaiian. We did not expect to find food from various ethnic backgrounds such as Indian, Hawaiian, French, any much more! 

Our experience ordering and interacting with locals and other tourists was superb, everyone was polite, informative, and patient. One of the many factors that have been noticed. 

Walking through the market everyone was interacting with one another, phones were obsolete. Ironically, the locals happened to be more close to home than expected! Referring back to locations like Oxnard and Santa Paula as a places they have been to in not have lived at in the mainland. 

Looks like the world is not as big as we thought.

By: Jasmine Arroyo and Lauren Wilson 

Written by Jasmine Arroyo

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